Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing 1

so I think I have remembered everything for thing 1. I have to say, getting the avatar on my page was probably the hardest part. I don't quite like how it appears, I wish I could get it as my picture instead. Oh well, its still a pretty cool option/feature. In comparing blogger with other blogs (because I have approximately four other blogs out there, all on different sites) I have discovered that Blogger is a bit confusing. There isn't a standard list of links on each page which makes it difficult to get where you want to go, especially when you are new to the site. Livejournal would have to be my favorite blogging site, its easy to navigate and simple to set up. But then, its also the one that I have had the longest, so it might just be the nostalgia kicking in :P


Yay! I have another blog! Actually, this one at least has a purpose. It's for the 23 Things On a Stick program. I'm thinking it'll be lots of fun :D I'm always looking for ways to prepare myself for my dream job (of being a librarian, obviously!) You can never have too much knowledge, especially of your interests. Ok, time to finish up Thing 1!